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The conference invites participation from members of the academia to submit unpublished theoretical, empirical and scientific papers focusing on the following sub topics.

Women’s studies

Women’s writing and narratives, Artistic representations of women, Motherhood and family life,  Women in Literature, Reproductive rights,  Law and Policy,  Women’s issues and Social Policy,   Women’s Movements ,   Sexuality and the Body,  Aging issues, Climate Change issues, Cultural dynamics, Cyber World, Education opportunities, employment issues, family responsibilities, Gender equity, Globalization issues,  health Issues,  Leadership roles, mass migration, Media freedom,  Sports and physical education, Political participation & leaderships ,  refuge crisis,    Religious issues, reproductive Health challenges, Women and  Environment,  poverty ,  Violence,  Work practices , Empowerment issues, Women in  History


Gender Studies  

Gender & marginalized groups, Gender  literature, Gender and sexuality, Gender and global Economies, Gender & Cultural issues , Gender, power and inequality, Gender, Race and Class,    Gender, Science and Technology, Gender, sex, race and class, Gender and disabled , Gender, War and Peace, Societal gender norms , Sociology of Gender,  The Politics of Gender ,Global initiatives in gender and social justice.


Feminist Studies

Advances in Feminism Studies ,Transnational feminism, feminist art and visual culture,  Feminism and pop culture, Feminism and social media, Feminism & mass media, Feminist methodology across disciplines,  Eco-feminism,  Feminism in the global landscape.

And any other relevant study area….





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Humanities & Social Sciences 2019
Canada  13-14 July 2019

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Canada, 27-28 July 2019

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