Dr Saskia Ravesloot Gender and Human Rights Expert GWS Women Studies Conference keynote Speaker

Dr Saskia Ravesloot - Gender and Human Rights Expert

Dr Saskia Ravesloot, Senior International Consultant, Gender and Human Rights Expert has a PhD in Sociology, a Master in International Human Rights Law and a Master in Political and Social Sciences. She has a solid 30 years of experience in the field of gender equality & human rights, especially in the analysis, programming (identification and formulation), planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes, public policies and institutional support in more than 25 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Dr Ravesloot is nowadays the Team Lead of the project “Support for the implementation of a Rights-Based Approach to Development (RBA), with special focus on Gender Equality”, commissioned by DG DEVCO (European Union)

Dr Ronli Sifris

Dr Ronli Sifris

Dr.Ronli Sifris is an Associate Professor in Monash University’s Faculty of Law and Deputy Director of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law. She completed a LLM as a Hauser Scholar at NYU School of Law and a PhD at Monash University.Her book, Reproductive Freedom, Torture and International Human Rights: Challenging the Masculinisation of Torture (Routledge, 2014) was launched by the then Hon Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria. In addition to numerous journal articles and book chapters, Ronli has Co-Edited two special issues of high quality journals; an issue of the Griffith Law Review focusing on “Gender, Health and the Law” and an issue of the Journal of Law and Medicine focusing on “Commercial Surrogacy – What Role of Law”. She is also an Editorial Board Member of the Australian Journal of Human Rights.

Dr. Madhu Sheran- President HIH India-gws international conferences

Dr. Madhu Sharan - President HIH India

Dr. Sharan is a Livelihoods and Gender Specialist with over three decades of work experience in academia and development sector in facilitating women’s inclusion and participation in the rural economy. As President of a leading, international NGO, Hand in Hand India, she oversees projects related to livelihoods promotion, financial inclusion, women empowerment and community development. Additionally, she worked as a Consultant with multilateral organizations including ADB, GIZ, and DFID for monitoring and evaluating projects related to gender and development. Dr. Sharan is a Sociologist, having completed her graduation from Delhi University and post graduation, M Phil and PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.

Dr Michelle Philip- Associate Professor-gws women conferences

Dr Michelle Philip - Associate Professor

Dr Michelle Philip is an Indian researcher with a keen interest in Culture Studies, Film, and Media from a gendered perspective. She is currently Associate Professor and Head of the Department of English at Wilson College, University of Mumbai, Mumbai where she teaches Popular Culture, Modern British Literature and Film.Dr Philip was awarded her PhD in Gender from Panjab University for her research on the "Representation of Women in Mainstream Hindi Cinema". Dr Philip, has designed and teaches a course on Visual Media and the Art of Making Meaning to Post-Graduate media students at St. Paul’s Institute of Communication Education, Bandra, Mumbai.

Dr Ambreen Salahuddin

Dr Ambreen Salahuddin is an Assistant Professor of Gender Studies, Department of Gender Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Dr. Salahuddin is a poet, writer, academician, researcher & translator. Her books include; Sar e Dasht e GumaaN (Urdu Poetry) 2004 & 2011 - P.E.N. Pakistan 1st book award, Feminism in modern Urdu poetesses (Research) 2005,Sadyon Jaise Pal (Urdu Poetry) 2014 & 2019 - Ada Jafri Adabi Award 2020, Farhang e Sinfi Mutaleyat (glossary of gender studies in Urdu) 2018, & Haqeeqat ka Jadu (trans.) 2018 - SATHA Innovation Award,Crossroads (English translation of Mansha Yaad's Urdu Novel 'Raahein'

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