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“Women Empowerment through Education & Leadership””

Participants are encouraged to dealing with historical, contemporary and future issues, including topics such as

Women & Leadership roles
Women & Gender equity
Women & Media freedom
Women & Political participation
Women & Aging issues
Women & family responsibilities
Women in the Third World
Women & Cyber World
Women & Globalization issues
Women & reproductive Health challenges
Women & Education opportunities
Women & participation in Sports & physical education
Women & Feminism in the global landscape
Women & Climate Change adaptation
Women & Cultural dynamics
Women & Religious issues
Women & mass migration
Women & refuge crisis in Asia, Africa & Europe
Women & children in the third world

Sub Topics

Advances in gender studies
Gender, sex, race and class
Gender, power and inequality
Feminism, capitalism, and academia
Marginalization and exclusion in access to feminist education
Feminist methodology across disciplines
Women’s Studies in a global/transnational/postcolonial context
Gender and sexuality in classroom and workplace
Activism in and beyond classroom
Body, reproduction, and politics
Feminism and pop culture
Feminism and social media and technology
Feminist responsibilities and eco-feminism
Transatlantic approaches to gender and social justice
Women and the fight against poverty across frontiers
Societal gender norms and individual practices
Gender and literature
Women & health Issues
Women & employment issues
Any other suitable topic….

Send your abstract to abstract@womenstudies.info

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