10th International Conference on Gender, Women’s and Queer Studies 202

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9th International Conference on Gender & Women's Studies 2022 - National University of Singapore Society

Countries Represented

Japan, Canada, USA, UK, India, Philippines, Australia, Tanzania,  Papua,  Uganda, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Israel, Pakistan, Taiwan, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, France, Hong Kong, Ireland , France


“Achieving Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in  Post Pandemic Situation”- Dr. Madhu Sharan, Hand in Hand, India

“Gendered Responses to the Post-Pandemic Phase Change Among College Students in Mumbai”-Dr Michelle Philip, Associate Professor and Head, Department of English, Wilson College


"Challenges & Issues in Post Pandemic Recovery Process: in the Context of Vulnerable Girls & Women"

Panelists : 

                                         Dr. Dustie Spencer

                                         Dr. Nuzha Allassad Alhuzail

                                         Dr. Diana Chalil

                                         Dr. Makalanga, L. B

                                         Prof. Aya Kitamura



  • Women & Society
  • Gender Equality in Different Countries
  • Issues in Women’s Rights
  • Emerging Studies in Gender & Women’s Status
  • Dynamics of Feminism
  • Violence against Women & Other Studies

10th International Conference on Gender, Womens and Queer Studies 2023 in Bangkok Thailand

GWS2023 is a global platform to initiate actions beyond borders to promote gender equality and to help more women and girls achieve their goals.

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