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Fourth International Conference on Advances in Women's Studies 2017 (AWS 2017)

‘“Women Empowerment through Education & Leadership””

Conference Proceedings

All abstracts of the registered participants will be published in the conference abstract book with a Canadian ISBN 978-1-988652-07-8 . The full papers will be accepted through a double blind reviewed process and will be published online and forwarded a copy to Canadian Archives for future preservation. The conference book will be deposited at the US Congress Library the largest library in the world.

We will submit the proceedings to be indexed in the Thomson Reuters, SCOPUS,  Google Scholar  for possible Indexing.


AWS2017 is the premier forum for the presentation of new trends, advances and research results in the fields of Women Studies. It will bring together leading academics, scientists and researchers from around the world.

AWS2017 invites individual or panel proposals for presentations on any topic on women and/or gender issues in all scholarly fields and disciplines, including but not limited to education, arts, design, business, law, humanities, social sciences and sports. We welcome abstracts from broad definitions in local, national, and global contexts.

We welcome individual paper presentations, panel sessions, round table discussions, performances, short films and posters. Your participation in AWS2017 may be under the following categories ( Original research paper, published article, Dissertation/PhD thesis, Research abstract, Listener, Digital poster, Co-author, and Virtual )

Main Themes of the AWS 2017

Women, Decision making & Leadership
Every human being has the right to participate in decisions that define her or his life .This right is the foundation of the ideal of equal participation in decision-making among women and men. This right argues that since women know their situation best, they should participate equally with men to have their perspective effectively incorporated at all levels of decision-making, from the private to the public spheres of their lives, from the local to the global.

Equal opportunities & resources in Education
This includes higher education and technical opportunities at local, regional and global level

Intersections of Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality
What is the impact of popular culture on our understanding of sex, sexuality, and sexual identity? How has the meaning of gender, and the experiences of women and men, changed over time and place? This theme is interested of how to historicize contemporary ideas and experiences of femininity and masculinity, or for those who wish to explore the ways in which the categories of gender and sexuality have intersected with those of race, class, ethnicity, region and religion.

Feminist Theory, Politics & Activism
What is to be done in a world where constitutions may protect the rights of women, but the actual material conditions of so many women around the world fall short of equality? How have feminists changed the history of ideas, and to what political end.

Identities & Diversity
How do ideas of gender relate to our understanding of differences between people? This theme is of interest to those who want to focus on theoretical as well as political discourses on difference and diversity.

Women, Culture & Society
What are the boundaries of knowledge concerning women in culture and society? Different approaches to understanding women’s lives, their representations in culture and media, as well as their experiences of ideological formation, socialization and economic opportunities.

Sexual and Reproductive Health
Covers gender-based analysis of the global problem of sexual health and examines the cultural, social and economic variables associated with sexual and reproductive health disparities.

Women and Violence
It focuses on dimensions of violence women experience internationally including rape in intimate partnerships, childhood sexual assault, sexual harassment, sex trafficking, and violence against women under foreign occupation: Sexual and Physical Violence Against Women.

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