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Some of the Papers presented at AWS2016

Battered Women in Closed Communities: A family-related problem or a social problem?

Gender and Statelessness: Negotiating gendered challenges among Burmese Chin asylum seeker and refugee girls and young women

Paintings of Iraqi Women in the Theatre

Exploring Collegiate Perceptions of Feminism Through Bem’s Gender Schema Theory

Mothers, Immigrants, and Workers: Interviews with pregnant and employed recent South Asian immigrant women in Toronto

The Financial Independence of Muslim Women in Shi’ah Jurisprudence

Folklore, creative writing and R. K. Narayan’s The Grandmother’s Tale

Choosing Babies –An Insight into Discrimination

Revisiting the Life and Works of Margaret Higgins Sanger: Her Role as a Social Reformer and a Champion of the Birth Control Movement of America.

How the Woman Described herself in the Andalusia poetry

A Critical Act of Thai Female Homosexuals in the Film “1448 Love among Us”

Interweaving the Professional and the Personal: a Politics of Gender Education in Teacher Preparation

Women in Politics in Rwanda: A Case Study of Rwanda in Comparison to the Other East African Countries.

Saudi Perceptions toward the Generic Use of Job Titles in Arabic

Juggling the dual roles of Mothers hood and Student: The lived experiences of student mothers in a Kenyan Universities

Surrogacy and the Right to Autonomy

Women from Kenya Finding Meaningful Employment in Calgary

Assessment of Gender and Generational Differences in Higher Education: Options for the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

The Role of Emotions in Feminist Analyses of Violence: A methodological approach and epistemological implications

The Representation of Women In Television Series

Jack’s jiboom got bent’: Hypermasculinity and Representations of the Uncanny in the Sea Shanty ‘Blow the Man Down’

Talking Back, Taking Action: Women Claiming Space in the Academy

Stories of Yezidi Women Uterus: Untold Stories of Pregnant, Rapped Yezidi Women

Effect of Marriage on Female Students’ Academic Achievement in Jigawa State College of Education, Gumel

Women in New Hampshire Politics: The role of Mentorship in Political Leadership

Virtualnegotiation between Prostitute Women and Male Clients: Engender a unique discourse on sexuality and power relations.

Women, Culture and Society: Determining Iranian Women’s Satisfaction in Marriage

Women legislative leadership in India

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling Without Injury: Health Status in Executive Women

The Challenge of Female Youth

Reconciling Work and Family with Midwives in German-Speaking Switzerland: -A Comparison Between one Group with Children and one without.

The Image of Mother in the Saudi Novel:
A Critical Study of the Novel “Saq AlGurab – Crow’s Leg”

Criminalizing Marital Rape under Ghanaian Law

Mobile Bullying and Victimisation: A study of female bully-victims in South African High Schools

Breaking the Rules of ‘True Narratives’ on Gender Equality

Female Space in the Poetry of Kamala Surayya Das

The presence of man in Eastern women poetry - A study of the Suad Al-Sabah poetry

Women’s Rights and Catholic Church in Poland – Power, Politics and Control

Intersecting feminist perspectives on contemporary issues facing marginalized women

Impact of Renal Failure on Patients and Their Families: A Case Study of Public Hospitals, Multan Pakistan

Business Strategies of South African women-led SMEs in a Mobile Technology Environment

Family Size of Older Single Mother Families Created by the aid of Sperm Donation in Israel

The Rising of Saudi Women

From Petticoats to Pantsuits: Susan B. Anthony and the Modern Political Woman

China’s ‘Babe Journalists’: From the Reporters to the Reported

Motivations and Gains of Rural Women Entrepreneurs

Discrimination on Women in Asia

Slavery, Resistance & Womanhood: The Literary Imagination of Morrison

Traditional Woman in Modern Era

Mobile Phones, (Dis) Empowerment and Female Headed Households: Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

The Phenomenon of Twerk Dance in Home Casting Videos on YouTube

Corrective Rape: The Aftermath

Women and Education in India

Comparing Mindfulness in a College Sample of non-Buddhist and Nichiren Buddhist Women

Speculative Futures of Feminism: the Role of Designers and Participants In the Exploration of Social Movements

What are Young Women Searching for on the Internet? A Discussion on Web Uses and Sexual Agency

Correlates of Status of Women and Women Work Participation in Ethiopia: A Health View The Imposition of International Political Gender Quotas: Addressing the “Q-word.”

The Analysis of Form and Content of Iranian Migrate Female Works
Standing committees of the Indonesian National Parliament: Gendered in the order

Gender analysis in Diffusion of entrepreneurship in rural areas; Case Study: The North of Tehran in Iran

A Study of Feminist Discourse

Collaborative Poetry and Gender

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